Consultor, pl. -es

(Latin): adviser


From conception through project management to execution Consultores Corporate Finance & Advisory GmbH offers a full range of corporate finance advisory services in the following areas:

Securities issuance advice

While remaining independent of any specific bank, we can advise you on, and help in the arrangement of, IPOs, capital increases and share placings. We can also provide you with advice on, and support you with bond issuance.

Financing advice

We can help you in analysing and optimising your balance sheet structure, and advise you on selecting appropriate financing instruments (bank loans, borrower's note loans, mezzanine financing facilities, etc.) as well as indentifying suitable providers.

Mergers & acquisitions

We can advise you when buying or selling companies or parts of companies, as well as when entering into joint ventures. Our expertise includes:

  • Corporate acquisitions
  • Corporate disposals
  • Management/business succession
  • Management buy-ins and buy-outs
  • Defence advice
  • The search for investment capital

Corporate broking

If you are already a listed company, or a company that has already tapped the capital market for a bond issue, we can advise you on how to establish an optimal capital market profile, and on how to target your communications to your investors, as well as when seeking new investors.

Equity and bond issues

If you decide to issue equities or bonds, we work hand-in-hand with our preferred partner, Wolfgang Steubing AG Such work specifically comprises:

  • Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), secondary offerings and rights issues, share placings
  • Bonds issued by medium-sized companies
  • Other capital market transactions (repurchase of shares and bonds, takeover bids, delistings etc)